Cass Township operates its own Recycling Center for the use of TOWNSHIP residents.

Hours of Operation: Dawn to dusk, 7 days a week

Please do NOT leave unacceptable items in or around the recycling center.

Premises are monitored by surveillance cameras and anyone caught disposing non-recyclable items or trash will be prosecuted.

Acceptable Materials

The program will accept the following materials in the proper compartment of the proper container:


#1 PET plastic food and beverage bottles; #2 HDPE plastic milk and cider jugs; spring water and detergent jugs


Aluminum, steel and bi-metal food and beverage cans


Clear, green and brown glass food, beverage and liquor containers


Newsprint, phone books, magazines, catalogues, office paper, junk mail, boxes and paperboard (flattened)

Please do not leave questionable items anywhere at a site!

Non-Acceptable Items

  • No Styrofome of any kind
  • Tarps of any kind
  • Inflatable pool
  • Vinyl siding/soffit
  • Plastic toys of any kind
  • Televisions, computers, computer monitors, radios
  • No electronics of any kind
  • Paint
  • Plastic bags

For more information, contact:
email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.