Recycling Center for Cass Township, Schuylkill County, PA

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 Cass Township operates its own Recycling Center for the use of township residents.

Hours of Operation: Dawn to dusk, 7 days a week

Please do NOT leave unacceptable items in or around the recycling center. Premises are monitored by surveillance cameras and anyone caught disposing non-recyclable items or trash will be prosecuted.

Recycling logoIn Schuylkill County there are five municipalities (the City of Pottsville and the boroughs of Minersville, Tamaqua, Schuylkill Haven and Shenandoah) that are mandated by the state through Act 101 to offer curbside and drop-off recycling to their residents. In addition there are three other boroughs (Mechanicsville, Coal Township and Girardville) that operate curbside recycling programs, and three townships (Cass, Norwegian and Washington) that operate their own drop-off recycling programs. Since 1994, the County of Schuylkill, through the Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management, has operated a drop-off recycling program to service approximately 40,000 households in the communities in the County that do not have their own recycling programs. The program effectively serves a population of at least 104,432 (based on the 2000 Census). However, it is important to note that the County Drop-off Sites are open to all residents of the County, including residents of the mandated communities and communities with their own recycling programs.

At present, the Schuylkill County Drop-off Program consists of 27 permanent drop-off sites around the County, which house a total of 157 six-cubic-yard capacity Haul-All drop-off collection containers, which are serviced regularly by four customized collection vehicles. The Haul-All system containers have material-specific openings to collect the following recyclable materials:

Acceptable Materials

The program will accept the following materials in the proper compartment of the proper container:

Recycle Plastics Logo

#1 PET Plastic Food and Beverage
Bottles; #2 HDPE Plastic Milk & Cider
Jugs; Spring Water & Detergent Jugs
Image of Crushed CanImage of Opened Tin Can

Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal Food & Beverage Cans
Recycle Glass Logo

Clear, Green & Brown Glass Food,
Beverage & Liquor Containers
Recycle Paper LogoRecycle Paper Logo

Newsprint, Phone Books,
Magazines, Catalogues,
Office Paper, Junk Mail,
Boxes & Paperboard (flattened)

Please do not leave questionable items anywhere at a site!

recycle-2Non-Acceptable Items

  • No Styrofome of any kind
  • Tarps of any kind
  • Inflatable pool
  • Vinyl siding/soffit
  • Plastic toys of any kind
  • Televisions, computers, computer monitors, radios
  • No electronics of any kind
  • Paint
  • Plastic bags

For more information, contact:
Evelyn Bergan, Cass Township Administrative Assistant
email -